Litha Market on June 22/23 - 2024

Join us on June 22/23. for the Litha event at TCF event grounds. 3300 Hwy 190 West Livingston. Kicks off at 1pm runs till a bit after dark.

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Polk County Pagan Market

A gathering of Pagans and like minded people in Livingston Texas

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Next Event Date & Time

May 4th, 2024

Event Location

Texas Craft Fair event Grounds
3300 US 190 West
Livingston, TX 77351, USA

Polk County Pagan Market

A reoccurring public festival of Pagans, Wiccans, Witches, Heathens, Atheists & other Likeminded individuals in Livingston Tx.

We are a safe space free from proselytizing, bigotry & judgement. Everyone is welcome to come out and have some fun, meet some new people and hang out. We are the first public gathering of Pagans and Likeminded individuals in Polk County Texas. Our number 1 rule is No Proselytizing.

Polk County Pagan Market 2024 upcoming dates: Imbolc Festival- Jan 27th 2024 Livingston TX @ Pedigo Park, Ostara Festival – March 9th 2024 Livingston TX @ Pedigo Park ,  Beltane Festival – May 4th 2024 Livingston TX @ Pedigo Park,  ETX Mabon Meet & Metaphysical Expo September 7th  @ Tyler Texas Downtown Square, – Mabon festival September 21rst  Livingston TX @ Pedigo Park, ETX Samhain Meet & Metaphysical Expo October 26th 2024 @ Bergfeild park Tyler Texas, Samhain Festival Nov 2nd @ Pedigo Park Livingston Tx.

The Polk County Pagan Market held its first event on Samhain in November of 2022. We returned again for Imbolc 2023, Then Beltane 2023, another for Lughnasadh 2023, September Blue Moon 2023 and Samhain 2023. We primarily gather around the sabbats, as our ancestors did. With some smaller events in between. We are committed to the Pagan community, creating a safe space to network and gather throughout the year. Even though we are market centered, we encourage everyone to come out, hang out, even if its just to network.

Our long term goal is to create a full 501c3 non profit that will serve as a hub for community outreach, education, pagan rights and more. We also are committed to using our platform to connect the pagan and likeminded community with current happenings, pagan news and more.

For all things Polk County Pagan Market market related, not specific to vendor info.. Please watch and follow our Facebook page at All official news and info is posted there publicly. 

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Our Next festival date is the Beltane Festival May 4th, 2024 . To learn more about why we chose these dates, see our Wheel of The Year article here.

Litha June 22/23 – 2024 App *Beltane Make up Event*

Litha June 22/23 – 2024 App *Beltane Make up Event*

If you plan on being a vendor at the Litha market on June 22/23rd 2024, please fill out this form as best as possible. All vendors need to fill this out, even if you are sharing a booth. You will be contacted by email regarding approval and additional info. Wait for approval before submitting payment.

Contact name
Contact name
List any other name you may be using when making the payment for vendor fees so we can link the payment to the app.
Have you vended with Polk County Pagan Market before today??
This would be crystals, crafts, clothing, laser goods, candles, cups, oils, herbs, readings, food, drink etc. List your primary product type as best as possible.
What other type items do you carry on a regular basis as a secondary.
Please select which best fits OR Multiple if they apply
Explain in detail what type of products/services you are applying to carry. We need to know as much about your business as possible. If approved, this will be the type items you will be approved for within reasonable expansion.
If no Website please leave FB link
If there isnt enough info added to understand what you offer, we will not be able to approve your application. This info is important for our insurance policy and for placement.
Non Compete Clause for date of event (NCA)
If approved, we ask that all vendors agree to a non compete for the date of this event and duration of the show (May 4th 2024 noon to 9pm). By checking “agree” to this, you are agreeing to honor a non compete clause for any other event on same date within 100 miles of our location (3300 hwy 190 west, Livingston) for the duration of the event. This protects the overall market from no call/no shows, cancellations to attend competing events at last minute and gives us the ability to promote your business being at this event with confidence.
We are not responsible for taxes of each individual vendors sales.
Texas imposes a 6.25 percent state sales and use tax on all retail sales, leases and rentals of most goods, as well as taxable services. Local taxing jurisdictions (cities, counties, special purpose districts and transit authorities) can also impose up to 2 percent sales and use tax for a maximum combined rate of 8.25 percent.
To keep vendor prices affordable, we sometimes approve 2 or more (depending on differences) of similar type vendors. Rules on this will change starting with our 2024 dates. However If you are seeking exclusivity with your primary product type for this event, you may opt to sponsor that particular market for an additional fee. Please note above the specific product and category you are looking for exclusivity on, we will take a look if the option is available and we will follow up with you.
Additional requests or comments, special needs requests, etc.

Maximum file size: 516MB

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Pagan News & Events

Welcome to the Polk County Pagan Market, a vibrant and inclusive space where the pagan and likeminded metaphysical community thrives. Our mission goes beyond hosting events – we aspire to be a central hub that brings together individuals who share similar spiritual beliefs. Through our platform, we provide valuable resources such as free news articles, comprehensive event listings, and enlightening press releases. Our commitment extends to fostering a safe and welcoming environment for the Pagan, Witchy, Spiritually Likeminded, and LGBTQIA+ community. We take great pride in serving and supporting these diverse and beautiful communities. Join us as we embrace the richness of our collective experiences and embark on transformative journeys.

We’re inviting all to share Pagan news, articles on witchy tips, and metaphysical events to be published on our dedicated platform. Whether you’ve penned your experiences with Paganism or are hosting an enlightening metaphysical workshop, we’d love to consider your contributions. Together, we can inspire, educate, and support our vibrant Pagan community. Submit your polished, engaging articles or event details for review, and if approved, we’ll spread the word on our website. Join us in fostering a prosperous and connected Pagan community by sharing your insights today!

Stay up to date on all the latest pagan and witchy news by browsing through our vast collection of metaphysical shops and vendors. We have curated a selection of the best and brightest members of the metaphysical community, ensuring that you have access to unparalleled expertise and resources. Whether you’re seeking guidance from experienced Tarot Readers or Psychics, searching for unique and magical items from Metaphysical Shops, or looking to indulge in delicious and enchanting crafts and food, our platform has it all.

Our dedication to providing a comprehensive range of offerings goes beyond our Pagan Market. We take pride in being a hub for all things pagan, constantly updating our content to bring you the latest news, events, gatherings, happenings, and more from the pagan and witchy world. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or just beginning your spiritual journey, our platform is your go-to source for all things metaphysical.

So, dive into our vibrant community, explore the mystical wonders that await you, and discover the connections and knowledge that will enrich your spiritual path. Remember to check back often, as we are constantly expanding our network and updating our content to ensure a truly captivating and transformative experience.

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Rules & Safety

This is the rules for everyone visiting the Polk County Pagan Market. For Vendor Rules, please see the separate area.

  • No Proselytizing. This is a place free from pressure. We have people of all faiths and beliefs, lets save the converting for another place. 
  • Be kind. This a safe place for everyone. We are also LGTBQIA+ friendly. 
  • Help keep our venue clean. Lets be courteous and respect the venue.
  • No Protests allowed on event grounds.
  • When entering the gates, please keep your speed to a minimum and be watchful of guests.
  • If any issues or emergencies should arise, please bring it to the attention of any market vendor or directly to the market booth.

Vendor Info

Polk County Pagan Market Vendor Info


  • Vendor Fees are $40 Non Food and $45 for Food.
  • Specific booth location requests can not be guaranteed.
  • We do not allow the sales of guns or ammo.
  • This is an outside event, bring your own table and chairs or canopy. Electric and water provided. Booth sharing is permitted by multiple vendors, but every vendor must submit an application and be approved.
  • For this market, since its an off Sabbat market.. The max amount of vendors that will be approved is 60. For Sabbat markets our estimated limit is 100.
  • All potential Polk County Pagan Market vendors must apply for each market. Wait on approval by email and follow the instructions to reserve your booth space when approved. The process is appl, wait for email approval, follow directions in email and reserve your space,
  • Vendor apps are now OPEN for our September Blue Moon Market & Samhain Market. Each market will need to be applied for individually using the correct app for each. market, The link below is for our next event, the September Blue Moon market.
  • We are always looking for those who want to host classes, workshops, Pagan related organizations or any legal non profit organizations. These will be free spots if approved. 

Food & Beverages

We have plenty of food and beverage vendors for each event. For safety reasons, we ask that there is no outside sales of food or drinks unless you are an approved vendor. Roaming sales will not be allowed.

Dress Code

Dress as you want. This is an event where everyone is encouraged to come as you want!!


As you enter the park, please continue forward for general parking area.  Vendors may take a left for the vendor parking area. Parking is free.


At the Polk County Pagan Market admission will always be free as well as parking. This is a not for profit event with the goal of bringing the community together in a safe and fun atmosphere.

Vendor Rules

Polk County Pagan Market Vendor Rules


We do not allow the sales of guns or ammo.

1. Vendors are responsible for collecting their own sales tax/ licensing and proper requirements by the State of Texas. Polk County Pagan Market is not responsible for maintaining tax records of each vendor. For those needing a sales tax permit, you may do so by applying on the Texas comptroller website for free.

2. We are at limit on reader only booths. I will not be approving any that have not vended with us before unless its a mixed booth with reading as non primary and meet a few other conditions that we will mention later. We don’t wanna over saturate our regular vendors and create a competitive market for them.

3. You must apply and be approved for each individual market. Once approved, you must reserve your booth space from the product listing on each event (link located in the approval email). 

4. Market grant program no longer exists. Only those with a official non profit will have fees waived.

5. Booth placements are first come first serve. We may have to move some around before final list to keep things separated. I feel like if we move spots around a bit from market to market it will help it stay fresh. We will be doing the final placement layout at our discretion. A pavilion spot is not guaranteed.

6. Payments are non refundable. This is because we advertise the vendors up until the event and put money toward that. So if you cancel, we can not refund due to the amount of money spent to market it.

7. We want to keep this an uplifting and safe atmosphere. One of our biggest things is being a “safe space”. So i have to make sure we are all in a positive atmosphere and feel comfortable in the group setting as best as possible. Im not able to be monitoring all booths just yet at the same time, so if anyone has any complaints about anything just please message me privately and we will address it. At the same time, We are always going to have a little trash to clean up, thats expected. But, if it goes beyond that on purpose then we can not approve again.

8. Most of all: if you are a no call/no show without letting us know.. You will either not be approved for next event OR not allowed to hold another spot (will be whatever is open the day of). This does not apply to those that let us know.

Added as of 5-4-23

9. Vendors are expected to have a presentable and safe set up. For canopies, 40lb weights or weight bags are suggested. Anchors and/or tie downs are mandatory. (subject to be updated)

10. There is absolutely no moving of cars in the vending area during event times. Please follow the instructions in email before event to park in the specified parking areas before event kick off. For vendors in pavilion areas, please do not take up parking spaces in front of other assigned spaces. If unloading multiple vehicles, please do so one at a time by unloading one then moving and unloading the next. Do not take up another vendors assigned parking space.

11. Check In: Check in must be completed within an hour before event kick off. If you haven’t checked in by the designated time for each event or made other arrangements, your space will be filled with an ALT vendor. We will no longer be holding spaces past check in time.

12. Fundraising must be approved ahead of time. If you plan to fund raise or ask for donations for something other than what you are approved to offer, you must let us know either on your application or informally so we can approve it. Fundraising reflects on the market as a whole, so we need to make sure it is for a good cause & see it succeed. We are hoping to cut down on unapproved fundraising efforts while also helping promote the ones that are approved so we can help insure success.

13. Readings/Reading type services are only allowed by those that have been market approved, previous approvals stand. This must have been listed on your application at some point. This is an effort to not saturate the market with competition to those that have applied to offer readings.

Lets continue to create an awesome diversity of offerings while in an uplifting atmosphere. Other than that, if it harms none then do as you will.


Vendors are encouraged to join our vendor group to exchange ideas and keep up with information on demand. Please do so by visiting



Free Tickets on eventbrite

The Polk County Pagan Market is, and always will be a free event. Free entry and free parking. You may register for free tickets on Eventbrite for each event which will automatically enter you into door prize drawings given away at the event and online.

Ticket Link

Become a Vendor

Vendor info for the reoccurring East Texas – Polk County Pagan Market Event in Livingston TX. 2,7 miles west of Walmart on HWY 190 in Livingston.

$40 - $60

Non Food

We are looking for unique vendors to add to our growing market. Looking for crafts, handmade goods, clothing, jewelry, pagan vendors, pagan organizations and more
Apply Now


Food/Drink Vendor

We are always looking for 4-6 food vendors with great food and fair pricing to join our market. Food is limited to one per type.
Apply Now


Non Profit

Non Profits are always welcome to set up at no charge. Please submit a vendor application and indicate you are a non profit.
Apply Now

About the Host

Jason Mclelland

Pendulumking/Witch's Brew Metaphysical

My name is Jason Mclelland and I am a full time lapidarist. I am a lifelong Wiccan, initiated under the Celtic Tradition more than 25 years ago. Being in the pagan community all of my life.

I also own a small non profit radio station, previously KXAX 104.3 Fm and now KCUN 104.5 FM Livingston (Pagan Radio). I have combined all these things to try to build a safe haven for pagans and likeminded people here in Livingston Texas. 

Event Location

  • Event Location
    925 us 59 south
    Livingston, TX 77351, USA
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Polk County Pagan Market Vendors

Meet our vendors for the next few upcoming markets. You will find metaphysical shops, crystal shops, Tarot readers, food trucks, book stores and so much more in this list. Below you will find current and previous vendors. Browse the gallery and click on their photo to learn more. Check back often as this page is updated frequently as we approve new vendors.


Metaphysical Shops

Vendors listed below are vendors that did not include pictures or public info on their application. We do not have information on file for these vendors, however you can find them at our upcoming market.

  • Woodland Custom Craft

  • Witchy Mama

  • Shikoba Studio

  • Raventree

  • Pariah Clothing

  • Pancakewithpickles

  • Mystic Forest Soap Co.

  • Grow Healthy Kids

  • Frankies Fairies

  • Food Magick by Hope

  • Familiar Weirdo

  • Crystal Visions

  • Agape Wellness

  • Tracey’s Crafty Treasure

  • Global Alliance

  • Sacred Sisters: House of Intuition

  • Blue Magick Metaphysical & More

  • Crystal Moon

  • Mythropology Couture

  • The Numinous Market

  • RuthieMoon Vintage and apothecary

  • La Remedia Herbal Co

  • Ingrid Anderson

  • Fired Phoenix Ceramics

  • Moony’s Brew