Imbolc, Vendor
Funk N Fresh Farm & Apothecary

Funk N Fresh Farm & Apothecary specializes in crafting handmade and bespoke goat milk skincare products that embrace a holistic approach to skincare. Our commitment to our clients goes beyond just skincare; it’s about providing a complete skincare ritual and products that nurture and rejuvenate their skin.

We proudly utilize the milk from our own herd of goats and enhance its natural goodness with herbal-infused oils and butters. Our dedication to quality extends to our ingredients, as we source them from organic, fair trade, and local suppliers whenever possible. At Funk N Fresh Farm & Apothecary, we firmly believe in the potent healing properties of pure ingredients, and that’s what we bring to our customers.

But what sets us apart is our infusion of intention, magick, and healing energy into every product we create. We incorporate mantras, sound and energy healing, collected moon water, and harness the power of crystals to amplify the healing potential of our skincare items. Our process is imbued with intention and a touch of magick, from aligning with the moon phases for planning events including skincare workshops and moon circles, to using tarot for business decisions.

In essence, our lotions and potions are more than just skincare; they are vessels of positive energy, carefully crafted to heal not only the skin but also uplift the spirit of our radiant clients.
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