Approved Readers, Ostara, Samhain, Vendor
Blue Moon Gypsy

Two souls speaking for Spirit. We are mystics, channelers, and approved readers for the Pagan Market. We use an assortment of cards and offer palmistry and tea leaf reading. If you are seeking guidance and wisdom from the Ancestors then the Crow Oracle Bone Reading is for you. Or, if you are in need of an in-depth understanding of the energies that swirl about you, I will channel the color and movements of your own Energy fields, capturing your energy centers and aura as a static representation in pastels, a process I call Aura mapping.
We are a very eclectic brother and sister team. Our smudge fans are crafted in a traditional manner, reverently honoring every aspect of their creation. You may find other crafted and a few outsourced metaphysical tools; Our smudge kits have charcoal, sage, sand, a lion’s paw shell, and a rosewood tripod. Odds and ends – crafted goodies, with new things on the fire to come out soon.
I was born on a Blue Moon in June, a Cancer Moon Child, now in my Crone guise, I walk this path as Grandmother Moon. So, the Blue Moon Gypsy carries the wisdom of the Moon, with all her mercurial tides, and the shifting of the winds in an eclectic ebullient offering to those that seek the intangible whispers of Spirit, of the Weave, in a safe space to learn, to blossom, to find answers, and perhaps gain even more questions!
Cameron has been gathering his ‘bones’ for most of his nearly 70-year walk upon this plane, each piece speaking to him their purpose and meaning. Gifted with knowing, claircognizant and clairsentient since a wee child (it got him into plenty of trouble) he has always had an uncanny knowing of places and things. Psychometry, channeling, and his love for the spirit of things are clearly seen in his eyes.
60 years of training and study in metaphysics, several healing modalities, reading cards for 55 years…yup, I’m a Crone.
26 years of Handfasting and legal weddings, vow renewal, custom ceremony designs tailored to whatever fancies you have (I’ve married pirates to Kings and Queens), House/land/office clearing, blessing, and consecration. Memorials and bereavement. Workshops for Market.