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Polk County Pagan Market Samhain/Halloween celebration. Bring out the kids to Trick or Treat on our treat street of vendors (a trunk or treat of sorts). This is the second annual Samhain event, marking our 1 year market anniversary. Join us Halloween weekend in Livingston for one of the largest offerings of metaphysical goods in East Texas. Over 75 vendors will be handing out candy for the kids. Browse approx 100 vendors offering occult goods, metaphysical items, crystals, rough stone, jewelry, clothing, crafts, knives, swords, wood furniture, organic fresh farm finds, herbs and more. Grab a bite from one of our food trucks or enjoy the variety of drink offerings.

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Pagans and likeminded individuals, come gather with us to celebrate Samhain 2023. This is a networking and shopping event like no other in the area. Meet others pagans, wiccans, witches and more while browsing our line up of vendors. Browse our informational vendor set ups to explore unaffiliated future events, find info about covens and various workshop offerings.

The Polk County Samhain/Halloween Market will feature 10 professional market approved readers. Offering Psychic readings, Tarot Readings, Runes, Ouija, Bones, Lithomancy, Pendulum readings, Love & relationship readings, Akashic Readings. Astrological readings, Handfastings and much more.

This is an event to celebrate both Samhain & Halloween. Dress in theme. No matter if you are looking to hang out with likeminded people, do a bit of shopping or just want to bring the kids out to get candy..come see us on October 28th from 2pm to 8:30pm, some of us will be back on Sunday doing an encore of a few things from 11am to 3pm.

We will have movies playing on the projector just after 6pm on Saturday, a costume contest, pumpkin carving/decorating contest, an all ages treat street that is special needs adult & kid friendly.

Join us on this full moon event for free. Free parking, free entry. You can scroll our vendor section on our website to get an idea of some of our offerings.

We will be ending the year with a blast. Our Samhain celebration and Market will be one to remember.

Vendors wanting to apply for the Polk County Samhain Festival apply below.

If you would like to participate in the trunk or treat without vending, apply here (coming soon).

Sponsorships help us afford prizes, candy and extras for this event. To become a sponsor for the Samhain/Halloween market please click here https://onalaskatexas.com/product/sponsor-the-polk-county-pagan-market-halloween-samhain-event/

Polk County Samhain Market

Polk County Samhain Market

Date: October 28th to October 29th
Time: Saturday 2pm to 8:30pm, Sunday 11am to 3pm
Location: Livingston, Texas

Are you ready for a unique celebration of Samhain and Halloween? Join us at the Polk County Samhain Market, where we bring together pagans, Wiccans, witches, and other like-minded individuals to celebrate in a special way. This event is designed to foster a sense of community, provide networking opportunities, and offer a wide variety of metaphysical goods for your shopping pleasure.

With over 75 vendors, you’ll have the opportunity to browse and purchase from a vast selection of occult goods, metaphysical items, crystals, jewelry, clothing, crafts, and much more. Whether you’re seeking knowledge, tools, or simply want to enhance your spiritual practice, the Polk County Samhain Market has something for everyone.

Don’t miss out on the treat street, where vendors will be handing out candy to the kids in a trunk-or-treat style setup. It’s a safe and fun way for the little ones to celebrate Halloween. And speaking of Halloween, we encourage everyone to embrace the spirit of the season by dressing in theme. Let your creativity shine and join us for a costume contest and a pumpkin carving/decorating contest.

In addition to shopping and treats, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with 10 professional market-approved readers who offer psychic readings, tarot readings, runes, ouija, lithomancy, pendulum readings, and more. Discover insights into your love and relationships, explore astrology, or delve into the mysteries of the Akashic records. There will also be handfastings and various workshops for those seeking to expand their knowledge and skills.

Throughout the event, we’ll have movies playing on the projector after 6pm on Saturday, creating a cozy and festive atmosphere for all attendees. And don’t worry about parking or entrance fees, because both are entirely free. So bring your friends, family, and smile as we celebrate Samhain and indulge in the magic of this special time of year.

For more information about vendors and offerings, feel free to visit our website. If you’re interested in becoming a vendor, please apply through our website. Sponsorships are also available, and they help us provide prizes, candy, and additional enhancements for the event. If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, please visit this link to learn more and support our celebration.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the Polk County Samhain Market — an unforgettable celebration of community, spirituality, and the magic of the season.

Samhain Vendor App (Oct 28th)

Samhain Vendor App (Oct 28th)

If you plan on being a vendor at this market, please fill out this form as best as possible. All vendors need to fill this out, even if you are sharing a booth. You will be contacted by email regarding approval and additional info. If for some reason not approved, any payment will be refunded.

Contact name
Contact name
List any other name you may be using when making the payment for vendor fees so we can link the payment to the app.
Have you vended with Polk County Pagan Market before today??
This would be crystals, crafts, clothing, laser goods, candles, cups, oils, herbs, readings, food, drink etc. List your primary product type as best as possible.
What other type items do you carry on a regular basis as a secondary.
Please select which best fits OR Multiple if they apply
Explain in detail what type of products/services you are applying to carry. We need to know as much about your business as possible. If approved, this will be the type items you will be approved for within reasonable expansion.
Many will be handing out candy in some shape or form, even if you aren’t sure exactly what you will be doing..if you are planning to contribute in some way please list here.
If no Website please leave FB link
If there isnt enough info added to understand what you offer, we will not be able to approve your application. This info is important for our insurance policy and for placement.
To keep vendor prices affordable, we sometimes approve 2 or more (depending on differences) of similar type vendors. Rules on this will change starting with our 2024 dates. However If you are seeking exclusivity with your primary product type for this event, you may opt to sponsor that particular market for an additional fee. Please note above the specific product and category you are looking for exclusivity on, we will take a look if the option is available and we will follow up with you.
We are not responsible for taxes of each individual vendors sales.
Texas imposes a 6.25 percent state sales and use tax on all retail sales, leases and rentals of most goods, as well as taxable services. Local taxing jurisdictions (cities, counties, special purpose districts and transit authorities) can also impose up to 2 percent sales and use tax for a maximum combined rate of 8.25 percent.
Additional requests or comments, special needs requests, etc.

Maximum file size: 516MB

October Samhain Festival & Halloween Trunk or Treat in Livingston