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Hippie Hootenanny: A Modern Movement of Artistry and Community

The Hippie Hootenanny at Wild Raven’s Nest in the Old Mill Marketplace is more than an event; it’s a vital grassroots movement aiming to rejuvenate and repurpose the space for artisans, creators, and makers. On December 2nd and 3rd, this movement comes to life with a unique pop-up market, local craftspeople, diverse shops, and food vendors, all nestled within Canton First Monday. 

Organized by Vivianna Severance of Wild Raven’s Nest and Liz Funk of Funk N Fresh Farm, the event symbolizes a significant effort to create a secure and welcoming environment for everyone. It’s a call to action for modern hippies to foster an inclusive community, celebrating the spirit of togetherness and creativity.

In this gathering at The Village within Old Mill Marketplace, visitors will find a blend of artistic expression and communal harmony. The Hippie Hootenanny isn’t just a marketplace; it’s a powerful statement of reclaiming and revitalizing a space for communal growth and acceptance.

As you step into this vibrant setting, you join a collective effort to build a sanctuary where creativity, community, and peace thrive. It’s an invitation to stand together, proudly embracing our modern hippie identity and contributing to a movement that values art, community, and a harmonious way of life.

The Hippie Hootenanny is hosting it’s last market of the season on Dec 2 & 3. Saturday from 10-7 (open late so locals can miss the daytime crowds) and Sunday from 10-4. We are located at Wild Raven’s Nest in Old Mill Marketplace 542 E Dallas St. Canton, TX

For opportunities to vend or perform, please contact Liz at