Ostara, Vendor

A jack of all trades is an understatement! We are a small collection of creative mines all out to support each other. From giving disabled vets a place to display and sell their passion without the pressure of maintaining a front of their own, to Volunteering at the Houston Gem and Mineral Society “a non-profit org” to teach everyone about our stones and how to make their own Jewelry.
We offer handmade crafts and everything in between. Laser Engravings on Marble Tiles, Engraved Trivets for the kitchen, unforgettable displays for those special days or those funny puns to start a conversation “no kung poo”. Select from our stones for us to make a pendant, bracelet, ring or pair of earrings straight from the rough stone wire wrapped or metal smith to your desired design “our antiques come from the ground, not the mall”. Wish bubbles are for that unique piece to hang in your house, a cross between a dream catcher and something witchy. To top it off we’ve got the funny and the cute crochet for adults!