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Beltane Festival May 4th 2024 in Livingston Texas

Join us at the enchanting Beltane Market & Festival, scheduled for the weekend of May 4th, 2024, in the delightful town of Livingston, Texas. This vibrant event is proudly hosted by the Polk County Pagan Market, known as one of the largest gatherings of pagans and like-minded individuals in the region.

We are a beacon of inclusivity and celebrate diversity, making sure that we are an LGBTQIA-friendly event and a strictly non-proselytizing zone. Everyone is welcome to be a part of our festival, where you can freely express yourself and connect with others within a warm and accepting environment.

Prepare to be mesmerized by an exquisite array of vendors who will be showcasing a vast selection of metaphysical goods. You’ll have the chance to browse through an assortment of crystals, precious gems, aromatic herbs, and other spiritual and ritualistic items that cater to your unique path and practices.

In addition to the shopping experience, you can delve into the world of divination with our experienced practitioners. Treat yourself to a tarot reading, uncover the mysteries through runes casting, engage with a pendulum, or even explore the records of the soul with an Akashic reading. These sessions provide insights, guidance, and a fascinating glimpse into the metaphysical realm.

We invite you to savor this opportunity to meet like-minded people, exchange knowledge, celebrate the season of Beltane, and immerse yourself in a magical atmosphere. Mark your calendars for a weekend filled with wonder, community, and spirituality at the Beltane Market & Festival in Livingston, Texas. Don’t miss this extraordinary event that honors traditions, inclusivity, and the free spirit within us all.

Mark your calendar for an enchanting evening as we invite you to experience “The Witches Dance,” a spectacle shrouded in mystery and brimming with the arcane elegance of the occult. Join us for The Witches Dance on Saturday evening and a special performance hosted by Luna’s Memories emporium.

In this special performance, you will witness a coven of dancers, clothed in moonlit whispers and shadows, performing the ancient rites and fluid movements that have been passed down through generations of spellbinders.

Join us in celebrating the mystical tradition of The Witches Dance and be swept away by an evening of supernatural performances and the company of those who delight in the magical corners of the world.

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Beltane Cancellations (2024)

Beltane Cancellations (2024)

If you are on our vendor list for the May 4th 2024 event and need to cancel, please fill out this form as best as possible. Vendors who do not notify us of a cancellation and end up being a no call/no show will be banned from vending either temporary or possibly permanently. All payments are non refundable and no transfer credits will no longer be given unless special circumstance. But, you may sell your spot to another approved vendor. If we do a makeup date, we will refer to this list for credits.