Month: December 2023

Pagan News
Polk County Pagan Market Expands Vision: PCPM Spearheads Efforts for Inclusive Community

In a bid to create an inclusive Pagan community, the Polk County Pagan Market faced opposition from some local pastors and protestors. Despite challenges and clashes, the market’s Samhain Festival was a success, showcasing unity and inclusivity. A Girl Scout leader also supported inclusivity, while The Satanic Temple of Houston praised the market’s acceptance. Future plans include educational workshops and collaboration with other Pagan events to further promote inclusivity and diversity.

Pagan News
The Pagan Market is coming to Tyler Texas – ETX Samhain Meet & Metaphysical Expo

The Polk County Pagan Market is taking its festival to Tyler, Texas in 2024 for the ETX Samhain Meet & Metaphysical Expo. This free, inclusive, and safe gathering offers a variety of metaphysical workshops, an assortment of occult and alternative merchandise from vendors, and a family-friendly trick or treat event. The festival champions a fear- and judgement-free environment for people to express their spirituality.