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RavenTree Products

Raventree Products is a company offering an extensive array of magical and holistic products, including witch supplies, bath products, and homemade food items. They also provide divination and intuitive services, as well as energy healing sessions. Ensuring affordability is crucial for the company, aiming to make spirituality and self-care accessible to all.

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Spooky Moon Creations

Gin is a psychic medium that specializes in tarot readings and energy healing, she makes several different homemade items and runs two ghost tour companies in Galveston Texas Spooky Galveston and Ghost Tours of Galveston. She has a small Witchy shop on the Strand in Galveston on the 3rd floor of the Hutchings and Sealy

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Blue Moon Gypsy

Two souls speaking for Spirit. We are mystics, channelers, and approved readers for the Pagan Market. We use an assortment of cards and offer palmistry and tea leaf reading. If you are seeking guidance and wisdom from the Ancestors then the Crow Oracle Bone Reading is for you. Or, if you are in need of

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A jack of all trades is an understatement! We are a small collection of creative mines all out to support each other. From giving disabled vets a place to display and sell their passion without the pressure of maintaining a front of their own, to Volunteering at the Houston Gem and Mineral Society “a non-profit

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Dawn Flowers Books

Dawna Flowers is an East Texas author of over thirty fiction and non-fiction titles. Several of her books have graced Amazon’s number one spot through the years, in six different categories including Mysticism and Multicultural Fiction. Popular titles include, The Wiccan Holiday Cookbook, The Book of Dark and Light Shadows, The Spell Book of Wiccan

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Crow’s Nest Crystals

Crow’s Nest Crystals We are Crow’s nest crystals!We promise to show you some of the best crystals you’ve seen, amazing carvings, spheres, towers, wings, and everything in between!We also make handmade spell jars and witch bells!

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Expanded Horizons

Hello, we are Expanded Horizons. We offer unique hand created jewelry designs. Our jewelry includes wire wrapped pendants and totems, natural semi precious stone beaded necklaces, and bracelets. We offer hand selected semiprecious stones set in sterling silver rings, pendants and earrings.We also carry hand decorated/painted blank spell books/journals/Guest books, resin rune sets, floral and

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Black Rose Revival

Black Rose Revival offers a handmade collection of gothic gypsy style clothing, jewelry and accessories; as well as witchy knotwork wall hangings, witch’s balls, and other magical home decor. Designer, maker and crafter with a love for alternative and festival fashion. Find handmade, reimagined and vintage clothing, accessories and

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Luna Theia Creations

Luna Theia Creations Luna Theia Creations is a vibrant and innovative brand that specializes in unique, handcrafted jewelry and accessories. Each piece is meticulously designed and crafted with love, using high-quality materials and a keen eye for detail. From earrings and bracelets to necklaces and anklets, Luna Theia Creations offers a wide range of jewelry

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From the Void: Divinatorium

Come see what messages await you from the aether~ We offer: -$1 one card oracle/tarot pulls. This is great for doing a simple vibe check, or for taking a small message to carry with you or meditate on through your day. -$5 past/present/future readings. Get insight on where you’ve come from & where you’re heading

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Leslie Marquez Designs

Leslie Marquez Designs Leslie Marquez Designs has been creating spooky, witchy and horror-fueled art, jewelry and practical decor for over a decade. Available exclusively at shows in the local Houston area, LMD art pieces feature form and functionality with a side of skulls, sparkle, steampunk and sass, coated in resin to make it indestructible. Take

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Aelin’s Moon

Aelin’s Moon Aelin’s Moon is a handmade children’s clothing shop that offers items ready to go but also takes custom orders if we don’t have your size on hand. Check us out for items for Mom also like t-shirts, glass tumblers, and accessories.

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The Color Witch

The Color Witch The Color Witch provides a wide range of beautifully crafted homemade crochet items such as hats, scrunchies, key rings, stuffed animals, book covers, blankets, and more. Crochet dates back to the 15th century and remains one of the few art forms that can not be duplicated by machine. Our goal is to

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Seeking Divine Serendipity

Seeking Divine Serendipity Who needs a magic wand when you have everything you need inside of you? Ashley will help you discover your truths, break free from those challenges, and start manifesting the life of your dreams. Ashley offers discounted mini Akashic Records readings on site to assist spiritual seekers on their journey to healing,

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Serenity Goddess

Serenity Goddess Facebook Serenity Goddess Spiritual Readings and Guidance Folk/mountain conjure crafted oils, powders and waters. Herbs and resins to cast your own magic. Handcrafted besoms, staffs keep sake boxes, three card alters and walking sticks. Odds and ends for your alter, such as keys, porcupine quills, talismans and crystals.

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Seriously Spooky Creations

Seriously Spooky Creations We carry a wide range metaphysical items to assist you in your practice. Spell oils, candles and spell jars are also available and custom intention works can be made as well. I also have a wide variety of handmade jewelry, balms, salves and teas. Seriously Spooky Creations