About The Polk County Pagan Market

We are a safe space free from proselytizing & judgement. Everyone is welcome to come out and have some fun, meet some new people and hang out. On November 12th 2022 we will gathered for the first time publicly in Polk County Texas. 
You do not have to be worried about being in the closet, coming out of the closet, exposed or so on. Because at this event, no one will ever ask what you believe or who you worship. We are a safe place for everyone.
The times when people had to hide because of what they believe is well over. I don’t want anyone to think they can not come out due to fear of being exposed.
I honestly don’t care what your religious beliefs are.. if you support this idea then I support you. We as Pagans are often told we can not do this or can not do that because our ideas fit outside of what was once considered the norm. But, honestly who cares what anyone thinks. Come out and be your self.
Let’s step away from society’s idea of what people have to be for one day and have some fun. Free from proselytization and judgement.. Join us at the Polk County Pagan Market to celebrate the sabbats and esbats, together as a united Pagan (and likeminded) community.

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