Month: October 2023

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Spirit Raven Creations Saturday

Come by and create your own spell bottle necklace at our spell bottle station this Saturday, We will have different herbal mixes for you to choose from and assistance for you if you need it. Choose from love, money, protection and more  While supplies last!  We will also have creative hand crafted winter  items available. 

Samhain, Vendor
The Crafty Dragonfly

I make handmade crafts and gifts with a fairy tale theme. Fairies, gnomes and dragons are found here. Wings, wands, swords and shields to help increase imaginative play. Fairy houses, gnome homes and fairy doors and a little bit of pixie dust to bring some magic to your home.

Samhain, Vendor
Chill To The Bone

Hi! We are chill to the bone! A female owned business with 4 wonderful crafters on our team. We offer many items so you’ll be sure to find something here! From our regulars of bone terrariums, wood burns, baked goods, and stuffed items to our limited stock wax melts, beaded necklaces, and stickers, we have

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How to use a Pendulum – Witchy Tips

How to use a Pendulum – Witchy Tips This comprehensive guide is designed to provide beginners with detailed instructions on how to effectively use pendulums for divination purposes. By tapping into the power of our subconscious mind through relaxation and meditation, we can access valuable insights using pendulums as a tool for guidance. While different

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Ostara 2024 Market & Egg Hunt 2024 – Livingston Texas Pagan Market

The Ostara Market & Traditional Egg Hunt will be held on March 9th, 2024 at Pedigo Park in Livingston. The event is designed for spiritual seekers to explore the metaphysical world, engaging with handpicked vendors selling crystals, tarot decks, and more. There will be tarot readings, and attendees can appreciate remarkable artwork and participate in an enchanting egg hunt.

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Introducing Crunchie Munchies

Meet Crunchie Munchies, the small yet vibrant, woman-owned company, crafting freeze-dried candy that makes your taste buds do a happy dance. They’re all about mouthwatering snacks, personalized service, and community connection. They have a ceaseless passion for turning fragile rocks into a taste explosion that will leave you hungry for more. Support local, join the adventure, and let your sweet tooth lead the way!

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Blue Moon Gypsy

Two souls speaking for Spirit. We are mystics, channelers, and approved readers for the Pagan Market. We use an assortment of cards and offer palmistry and tea leaf reading. If you are seeking guidance and wisdom from the Ancestors then the Crow Oracle Bone Reading is for you. Or, if you are in need of

Ostara, Vendor

A jack of all trades is an understatement! We are a small collection of creative mines all out to support each other. From giving disabled vets a place to display and sell their passion without the pressure of maintaining a front of their own, to Volunteering at the Houston Gem and Mineral Society “a non-profit

Samhain, Vendor
Designs by Mishi

One of a kind, handmade sterling silver & gemstone jewelry. Earrings, rings, necklaces & bracelets that range from simple to statement!

Samhain, Vendor
Moon River Design Co.

Hello, my name is Courtney and I originally started my business sewing and selling masks during the pandemic when my husbands hours were cut. I soon found my way into the custom purse and wallet world and have never looked back. I offer a wide range of sewn goods from mini coffin wallets to backpacks

Samhain, Vendor
High Vibin with Toni

I’m a high vibin witchy hippie mama who runs this business with the help of my family. I have traveled all over the world to find ethically mined and sourced crystals straight from the Earth to bring into your home! Learn more about our journey on FB>> High vibin with Toni Rae

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Dawn Flowers Books

Dawna Flowers is an East Texas author of over thirty fiction and non-fiction titles. Several of her books have graced Amazon’s number one spot through the years, in six different categories including Mysticism and Multicultural Fiction. Popular titles include, The Wiccan Holiday Cookbook, The Book of Dark and Light Shadows, The Spell Book of Wiccan