Month: November 2023

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Putting together a holiday wishlist with crowdfunding. Lets see what the Pagan Community can do.

The Polk County Pagan Community is launching a program for the holiday season aimed at fulfilling wishes of needy families. Members of these families write letters outlining their holiday desires and create an Amazon wish list with item prices ideally under $100. These letters and wish lists will be displayed on their website until Christmas Day, allowing community members to contribute by purchasing items directly.

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Imbolc Workshop Scheduler

The webpage provides information for approved vendors at the Polk County Pagan Market Imbolc Event. It functions as a scheduling platform for vendors to select up to two 15-minute workshop time slots. This ensures a varied and engaging lineup of workshops and enables participants to maximize their event experience.

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Board Members / Representative Application

The Polk County Pagan Market aims to diversify its outreach in 2024 through an inclusive board of representatives from varying backgrounds and skills. The board will promote pagan cultures, traditions, and religions. Applicants particularly from the LGBTQIA+ community are sought to lead initiatives for inclusivity and amplification of their voices. The application involves providing details about applicants’ skills, experiences, and suitability for the board.

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Listen to Polk County Pagan Radio – Live on Air

Welcome to Polk County Pagan Radio, your go-to destination for all things related to Paganism! Tune in and join our vibrant community as we explore the fascinating world of nature-based spirituality, ancient traditions, and modern practices. At Polk County Pagan Radio, we strive to provide a diverse range of programming that caters to the interests

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Witchcraft and Covens in the South

In the Southern states, newcomers to witchcraft often struggle to find a likeminded community. The Polk County Pagan Market in Texas addresses this gap, bringing together witch enthusiasts to learn, share and connect. Aside from the main marketplace offering products for witchcraft, this community event hosts workshops, classes, and discussions led by experienced practitioners, and serves as a helpful platform for meeting fellow witches and deepening understanding of the craft.

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What is Religious Psychosis?

What is Religious Psychosis? Religious psychosis, also known as religious delusion or religious fanaticism, is a term used to describe a psychological condition where an individual holds extreme and irrational beliefs, often related to religious or spiritual matters. It involves a distorted perception of reality, characterized by intense religious fervor, unwavering faith in one’s beliefs,

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Pagans Rights – How To Report Religious Discrimination

Religious discrimination involves unfair treatment based on religious beliefs or practices and can escalate to hate crimes involving physical assault, vandalism, or other violent acts. Organizations like the Lady Liberty League advocate for victim rights and promote religious tolerance. In workplaces, it’s essential to document instances of religious discrimination, familiarize oneself with company policies, report to superiors or HR, and if unresolved, seek legal advice. These practices contribute to a more inclusive and respectful environment.

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Pagan Festival – What to expect visiting the Polk County Pagan Market

Pagan Festivals, like the Polk County Pagan Market, celebrate various Pagan paths through vibrant, inclusive atmospheres and activities like rituals, workshops, and performances. They honor traditions and important calendar dates. The Polk County Pagan Market uniquely promotes community, creativity, and spirituality, featuring local vendors, educational workshops, live entertainment, and an emphasis on diversity and inclusion. These festivals allow participants to deepen their spiritual experiences and their connection to nature and community.

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What does “No Proselytizing” mean and why is proselytizing not allowed at Polk County Pagan Market

The passage emphasizes the need for religious diversity and respect for individual spiritual paths by refraining from proselytization, or aggressively attempting to convert others to one’s own religious beliefs. It also champions inclusivity in spiritual pursuits, seen in spaces like the Polk County Pagan Market, which implements a ‘no proselytizing’ rule to encourage comfort and open dialogue. Furthermore, the text proposes that rather than dismissing or comparing various Gods, examining shared principles like compassion and knowledge can foster mutual understanding and acceptance.

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Imbolc Festival coming Jan 27th 2024 to Livingston Texas

The Polk County Pagan Market is set to host its Imbolc Festival on January 27th, 2024. The event, marking the halfway point between winter solstice and spring equinox, features an array of metaphysical vendors, food trucks, and instructional workshops. It aims to create a dynamic, inclusive space for individuals interested in pagan traditions and metaphysical practices. Opportunities for workshop hosting and vending are available for application.

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Funk N Fresh Farm & Apothecary

Funk N Fresh Farm & Apothecary specializes in crafting handmade and bespoke goat milk skincare products that embrace a holistic approach to skincare. Our commitment to our clients goes beyond just skincare; it’s about providing a complete skincare ritual and products that nurture and rejuvenate their skin. We proudly utilize the milk from our own

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RavenTree Products

Raventree Products is a company offering an extensive array of magical and holistic products, including witch supplies, bath products, and homemade food items. They also provide divination and intuitive services, as well as energy healing sessions. Ensuring affordability is crucial for the company, aiming to make spirituality and self-care accessible to all.

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Want to Host your own Pagan Market event? We are looking to host more Pagan festivals in other areas.

The Pagan Market franchise program is seeking passionate individuals to host their own Pagan Market. Aimed at fostering community and celebrating pagan culture, the program offers support in organizing and hosting these events, including assistance with venues and logistics. The platform presents an opportunity for the exploration and purchase of various pagan wares in an inclusive environment. Interested parties should contact

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Wheel of the Year – Pagan Sabbats used in multiple practice such as Wicca & Why we gather for the Pagan Market Festival

The article discusses the concept of the Wheel of the Year, a cycle of eight major and minor Sabbats celebrated by Pagans and Wiccans to honor the seasons and earthly cycles. These Sabbats include Samhain, Yule, Ostara, Litha, Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh, and Mabon, each having distinct representations and themes. Furthermore, Wiccans also observe Esbats, lunar rituals aligning with the moon’s cycles. Lastly, the article introduces the Polk County Pagan Market, a community event celebrating Pagan beliefs, offering education and a marketplace for products related to Paganism.

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Spooky Moon Creations

Gin is a psychic medium that specializes in tarot readings and energy healing, she makes several different homemade items and runs two ghost tour companies in Galveston Texas Spooky Galveston and Ghost Tours of Galveston. She has a small Witchy shop on the Strand in Galveston on the 3rd floor of the Hutchings and Sealy

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Polk County Pagan Market met with more backlash by Christian Extremists at Samhain event

The recurring Polk County Pagan Market Samhain festival in Livingston, Texas was once again subjected to protests from a Christian extremist group, who allege that attendees are destined for ‘eternal damnation’. Pastor Tanner Crawford called for a counter event while four protestors trespassed onto the festival ground. These occurrences spotlight the ongoing conflict between religious ideologies within the community.

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Polk County Pagan Market – Samhain 2023 Was A Success!

The Polk County Pagan Market – Samhain Event was a great success, surpassing expectations, with enthusiastic participation from attendees, vendors, and sponsors. Highlighting the event, Krista Chapman Green performed captivating pagan-inspired music. Despite minor disruptions and litter from a Christian extremist group, the atmosphere remained respectful through cooperation and professionalism, resonating with unity and open-mindedness. The event captured unique experiences, including a costume contest, fostering a vibrant, inclusive pagan community gathering.