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Rules & Safety

This is the rules for everyone visiting the Polk County Pagan Market. For Vendor Rules, please see the separate area. No Proselytizing. This is a place free from pressure. We have people of all faiths and beliefs, lets save the converting for another place.  Be kind. This a safe place for everyone. We are also

Vendor Info

Polk County Pagan Market Vendor Info   Vendor Fees are $40 Non Food and $45 for Food. Specific booth location requests can not be guaranteed. We do not allow the sales of guns or ammo. This is an outside event, bring your own table and chairs or canopy. Electric and water provided. Booth sharing is

Food & Beverages

We have plenty of food and beverage vendors for each event. For safety reasons, we ask that there is no outside sales of food or drinks unless you are an approved vendor. Roaming sales will not be allowed.


As you enter the park, please continue forward for general parking area.  Vendors may take a left for the vendor parking area. Parking is free.


At the Polk County Pagan Market admission will always be free as well as parking. This is a not for profit event with the goal of bringing the community together in a safe and fun atmosphere.

Vendor Rules

Polk County Pagan Market Vendor Rules NO PROSELYTIZING We do not allow the sales of guns or ammo. 1. Vendors are responsible for collecting their own sales tax/ licensing and proper requirements by the State of Texas. Polk County Pagan Market is not responsible for maintaining tax records of each vendor. For those needing a